¿Don`t have a website ,you wanna stay and know Cuba or yust need to extend your clients network ?

We promote the rental of properties and we also search for clients that are interested in renting their  properties . It fields of action ranges from the evaluation of the property to the signing of the lease.


Rent in Cuba for a long time: Rent of rooms , apartments  and houses monthly and every year.

The category of linear rentals in Cuba has first-class accommodation in all parts of our country for the different needs of the visitors . The long- term rental prices in Cuba essentially depend on the number of rooms in the property {apartment or house },  Also  the  characteristics of  the accommodation { luxury , economic, very economical} and the area of the country where is located. The most determining  aspect in cost is the number of rooms in the house . The Price is generally measured   by the   number of rooms occupied. In the case of renting  apartments or complete houses , it is the sum of rooms owned  by  the  property.

Rent in cuba for a short time: Rent of rooms , apartments and houses for less than 30 days.

The category of renting for a few days is the most popular modality in Cuba and Condos in Cuba helps you to enjoya special cultural experience at more economic  prices than  those  offered  by the  hotels.

You choose  the  rental  house  in Cuba that  best  suits  your  needs.

We can perfectly  adjust to your Budget. Condos in Cuba negotiates  for  you.

Send us your personal data if you are interested in this service


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