Are you going on a trip, are you busy with your business or need help to manage your home?

Managing is an Art , is the key for the success for any venture. If you wan to have an extraordinary  administration of your property , giving excellent results, you can count on Condos in Cuba.

The Administration is based mainly  on the knowledge of the specialist , the ease of facing every situation  that governs the daily life and the establishment of an internal order. These are the essential elements for success.

A good administration will always take care to keep the property in optimal operating conditions to guarantee the work we do.

The administration of Condos in Cuba consists of:

Valuation: Physical inspection of the property  , periodic inventory check , determitation and proposals of direc physical value of the property. Comparative analisys of the market and reconciliation of values to establish  the comercial value of the property.

Management and Processing: Analysis of legal documentation , diagnosis of legal documentation , organization and updating records, services contracts, payment conciliation, payment of services, taxes .

Management of Repair and Maintenance: Hire the necessary  repair and maintenance services for the conservation of the property such as glass repair , electricity , plumbing etc. Attention to contigencies and unforseen events , preparation of periodic repair and maitenance budget.

Recruitments of tenants  recurring charge and periodic collection of income produced by the property. Inspection  and maintenance of the facilities, contracts renovation , collection and payment of services . Attention to matters arising from the lease. Presentation to settlements to the property owner.

Total Price of the service : 150.00USD per month

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