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Condos in cuba is one  of the condominium  markets and fully experiences on the island connecting buyers, sellers , owners and tourists , providing administration services ,  lease{rent} and selling  properties {condominium}, besides of offering our clients the possibility of get to know Cuba through our Tours made at your measure  , with  plenty offers for everybody .Composed by a staff characterized by their seriousness , professionalism and joviality that inject a special synergy.



Become the best alternative for those who demand the profesional help, from a close and decisive relationship offering the most innovative proposals.

That our clients feel fully acompanied and advised.


Provide a personalized advisory service  oriented to protect the heritage of our clients  with ethics and professionalism, providing to our clients a quality service based on our experience, knowledge and training in the sector



Teamwork: Promote the participation of all to achieve the objective, sharing information and knowledge.
Ethical  conduct: We act with professionalism ,moral integrity, loyalty and respect to people.
Customer orientation: Focusing our effort on customer satisfaction, providing you competitive and quality solutions.
Innovation: We promotes continuous improvements and innovation to achieve the maximum quality from profitability criteria.

Transparency: We act consistently with open and timely information.


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