The current situation  challenge the Real State industry ,wich is why Condos in Cuba has collected some tips that can transform this challenge in an opportunity.

Buy , Sell ,Rent  propeties in the situation tha we are facing  is a challenge for clients ,brokerage management.  With the so call   for everybody is “stay at home” . However  this is been an opportunity to seek and find innovated alternatives for our business.

In fact recently studies shows that despite the economic crisis the Real State industry is one of the least affected areas. Many clients still have the interest of Buy and Rent.


Wich is why “Condos in Cuba” has collected some tips that could  be useful for those that are selling and renting properties

 We do virtuals tours

The fact  that most of the people remain at home does not mean that they have to lose vilibility and visits. An unic way of “Condos in Cuba” make them know through  photographic tours , videos and even 3D.

Currently there is a wide variety  of apps an technology  to perform this tipe of visits that allow the users know and access to every corner of the house or apartment that we are offering.

Another option “simpler” Is that you use our promotional aplications to register as a seller and the clients can make virtual appointments. We will achieve possible potential buyers or tenants . So, with our cell phone Condos in Cuba could do a live tour of the different spaces that you show us.

Keep your Condos in Cuba profile uptade

It is always important that your publications in  Condos in Cuba have photos and information as uptaded as possible. Take advantage  of this time that in wich you will work mainly from home to review these ítems.

For several most of the searches of properties stars on the internet  and at time like this, is even more relevant to le tus know the all details  of your property.

Dont forget our Social Networks

Condos in Cuba maintains a permanent update of our social networks. Being our platform visited daily by users, they are a good space to capture your attention, report any observation and be interested in a property from virtual option .

For example, you can use our social network, also use our Whatsapp contact to ask questions  or even request a virtual tour of certain properties.

We contact our clients permanently

In this times most of our daily activity, during these weeks, has been carried out virtually. Keeping a contact permanently with our clients through cellphones, whatsapp, email or videocalls.

This has helped us to stregthen trust with our clients and even  decrease  the  anxiety  that  these moments can generate , for example , in the case of those who have been in the midle of a rental or sale process , they have felt supported and advised by our professionals.

We evaluate the strategy

From the home office we optimize  to the máximum

It was a good time to analyze the business strategy and the actions that we are developing in digital market.

We carry out a market study and look at what the competition is doing. We add more value to our proposal.

In moments of covid-19  with Condos in Cuba you can fell safe.

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