¿How you can have a quiet move?

Make a move is something that can cause laziness and stress but also something inevitable in the case of buying a house or renting and even more when it happens for work reasons . We will leave you now some tips that will help you carry the process much better.

There are many things to remember before moving. However the day before the move is very important. If you want to sleep early and wake up calm ,take advantage of this moment to take into account the following indications.

  • Finish agreeing with all the people involved with this activity , like the moving service , friend who will help you pack and anyone you trust in this day.
  • Charge your cellphone and Exchange your contact information with all the important people on this day.
  • Clean up as much as you can before move in ,so you have less to do and less objects to pack.
  • You must be the solely responsable for transporting personal documents and valuable. This will facilitate the work of the carriers and will give you greater peace of mind.

1.Get rid of everything you don´t need

Movin is a great opportunity to get rid of everything you accumulates and don´t know what to do with it.

Remember that the less you bring to your new home, the more time and money will safe, not only transportation , but also in the placement of things in your new home.

2.Do a general  pre-cleaning in your new house

Before you place your ítems in your new home , it should be shiny.Then it will be more complicated. If you can´t do it yourself , hire someone who can clean it for you.

3.Have a personal KIT with your personal ítems

It  is always  important that  you  leave the basic things  you   need in your day by day  indetify  it in a special box {medicines ,pajams , charger}. And for this , nothing better than your basic kit that  will allow  you to cover  your basic needs  before  having to open all your boxes. It is a basic pillar to have a smooth  move .

This  special box will be your basic kit to develop your normal life regardless of the speed you undo the boxes of your move.This will make you live with less stress the process of moving and you will achieve that quiet move you are looking for.

4.Create your treasure chest

The basic kit we talked about before while you get on with your normal life meanwhile you quietly set things up in your new house. But it is also important that you organize a “treasure chest” where you keep the most important personal items for you, important documentation, jewelry, personal electronic devices.

5.Organize the boxes by rooms and label them

In a move all the objects are grouped by rooms, in this way the boxes must follow the same pattern even organizing them  to the furniture. It is the easiest way to locate everything and quickly put it in its new location.

6.Leave the boxes in the appropiate room

As a continuation with the above , it is important to leave the boxes again in each room where they belong . The ones in the master bedroom, the ones in the bathroom, in the bathroom.etc.

Plan your move in writing

To gain peace of mind , good planning is essential, and the best thing  that you can do is put it in writing, fundamentally the following requirements.

  • The  days  when you are going to store things in the boxes, remember, depending on the rooms and furniture.
  • Plan the day of the move.
  • The days when you are going to place things in your new home.
  • In this way you will able to check if you are going well with the planning you have stablished , and if its not , if you need help to do it.

Get motivated with Music

Given the laziness that can arise when you are preparing things for you new home or even when you are unpacking and placing  your stuffs ,music is something that will help you focus on work achieve  rhythm and motivate you.

If you have children or pets ,it is a good idea that when you want to focus on preparing everything related to the move , some will take care of them.

Dont leave any object unplaced

As soon as you have all the boxes in your new home, go placing them as quickly as possible , and do not leave any object unplaced .Since if you don’t do it in the first days you know that it will be thrown in any corner of the house.

And if you need everything to be under control to have a smooth move , do not hesitate to contact CONDOS IN CUBA to help you with your move.

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